About the Blog

Have you ever invited friends over for a special day and thought it was a little ho-hum? Have you ever flipped through a Family Circle magazine looking for the perfect party treat or spent hours on The Knot finding bits and pieces of your dream wedding? If you answer yes to any of these questions, fear not. You’re in the right place.

The Next Level Events is an event-planning blog for beginners and anyone looking to get out of a planning funk. We’re all tired of the same old snacks and seating charts. It’s time we amp up these most memorable days. The Next Level Events will provide you with tips and tricks to do just that, along with a little inspiration and insight on what’s happening in the world of event planning.

If you’re coming to The Next Level expecting to scroll through countless pictures of beautiful weddings and fun treats for kids’ parties, sorry, you won’t find that here. I’ve spent too many hours looking at pictures of what I want my parties to look like, but it’s the execution that’s key. I want The Next Level Events to allow for conversation among novice event planners and a chance to gain some expertise on taking your special days to the next level.


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