Social Media For Event Planners

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 Today, most everyone has a Facebook page or Twitter account. You communicate with your friend and more importantly your guests on a daily basis. Endless social media outlets allow you to promote your event and send invitations. Using these resources not only spreads the word faster and helps keep you organized, but you can also save a great deal of money on paper invitations. Here are some of my tips for making the most of social media as an event planner.


Facebook Event Page

 With more than 845 million active users on the site, Facebook is where you’ll find your friends and partygoers. The site allows you to break your friends into groups, such as friends from work, college friends and custom groups. This makes sending event invitations simple. If you’re having a work get-together, just choose that group of friends. This separation reduces the time needed for the painstaking task of figuring out whom you want to invite by email address.

The site also has an entire event section. Amateur event planners can use this tool to make a simple page that describes your event, send to friends and keep in contact with anyone who RSVPs. You can also see the invitations you have sent, who is attending, who isn’t and who isn’t quite sure yet. It also allows you the opportunity to leave an event open so that other people can invite friends. This can be very useful for a large social get together, but if you want to be sure you know the people attending your event, you’ll want to keep the event private.


Evite Logo is a free website that allows you to create, send and manage online invitations. The site’s simple design program allows even a novice to put together a professional-looking invitation. Hundreds of templates are available for a large variety of events. These evites can be sent to anyone you like via email or by connecting through Facebook. The usefulness of does not end at their great online invitations, though. offers some fantastic party planning tips separated by event type as well as a gift idea page for anyone attending one of these parties. Furthermore, with the same ease you have creating an invitation, you can create ecards. Finally, a very useful tool offered by Evite is their mobile application. The app allows you to receive text notifications on new invitations and updates to your events. You can also see who will be attending your event, send invitations and even upload photos right from your phone.


Twitter page

 AlthoughTwitter is not the best social media site to invite friends or create events, it’s a great tool to promote professional events and meetings with colleagues and contacts. Tweet a link to an Evite or Facebook event page and have all of your followers see what you’re up to and have a chance to RSVP.

From planning to promotion and execution, social media has changed the way we interact with our friends and guests. The ability to communicate information with your guests instantly online allows you to plan accordingly and have an up-to-date accurate account of your guest list.

Check out these links for great planning tips:

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