Hosting an Oscar worthy Academy Awards watch party!

If you’re following my posts, you know I’ve already covered the basics of hosting a watch party for the Super Bowl.  Although the basics of creating a good watch party atmosphere are the same, an Academy Awards watch party leaves much more room for elegance and creativity.

academy awards 2012 poster

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Getting Started


First of all, who doesn’t love a good red carpet-themed party!? I’ll find any excuse to get dressed up and play movie star. Maybe you do as well. Go ahead and do invites, too. We’ve got too many cute ideas not to. A movie ticket or popcorn bucket with the date, time, and place of your get-together makes for a more formal atmosphere right off the bat, and your guests will be impressed with your preparation.

Include an Oscar ballot with the invite! This way, your guests have plenty of time to fill it out and can bring it with them to your party. An Oscar ballot will also give guests who may have little interest in the show a chance to get involved. Come up with a prize for the winner of the pool, a movie-themed basket with DVDs starring some of the nominees or old winners, a bottle of wine, popcorn, and movie-theatre candies make for a great final touch on the theme and is nice but not over-the-top for you to put together.

oscar ballot

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The Big Night


Plenty of great options will keep you and your guests busy during the show. We all know last year’s Anne Hathaway and James Franco disaster wasn’t worth watching, so some activities between awards will keep your guests involved and excited.  From drinking games to trivia, there’s something to keep everyone busy.

The red carpet opens the festivities. I know this is one of the only reasons I watch the show. Take tallies and have your guests vote on their favorite–least favorite and best-dressed stars. Even better, make a list of the big stars and grade them as they come down the carpet. My friends and I go with the flashcard scorecards like they do on “Say Yes to the Dress.”

Another great idea to fill up some of the time during commercials and boring side chatter is to play some Oscar trivia. has some great questions started for you, but just getting online and looking up past winners and upsets could make for an endless list to keep your guests involved and chatting. Don’t get pushy with the party games, though. No one likes a host who shoves silly games down their throats. Make it fun and relaxed. You just want people to be involved. They’re not on a game show, and it really isn’t that big a deal.

For those of you who think you might get out of hand with other party games or if you’re just looking to get a little wild, an Oscars drinking game might be right for you. Come up with your own rules based on the performers and nominees or do something a little simpler.

Oscar Drinking Game Rules

oscar splashing beer in mug

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  • Drink if someone thanks the Academy
  • Drink if the hurry-up music begins to play before someone finishes his or her speech
  • Drink if someone cries
  • If the trifecta (thanks the academy, cries, and hurry-up music is played) occurs then finish your drink.

As a host, you are responsible for assuring guests have designated drivers and that no one leaves your party too impaired to drive. Be responsible and allow guests to participate at their own speed and use discretion with a designated driver.

Delightful Dishes and Drinks


Oscar Cookies


The best part about an Oscar party is the ability to include a theme into every aspect of your party right down to the food and drink. This shouldn’t be your all-American food we put together for the Super Bowl. Get creative and run wild with movie titles and big screen-themed finger foods and cocktails. Here are some great ideas to take your Academy Award watch party dining to the next level, provided by .

Moneyball:  Spinach & Parmesan Balls

The Help:  Minny’s Chocolate Pies

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Swedish Meatballs

Other films that might not have a food directly tied to them leave you the chance to create some fun desserts. Star cupcakes or cookies with movie titles would fit perfectly here. If not in dessert form, a cocktail will have to do. Some great big screen-themed cocktails include

My Week with Marilyn Cocktail

Midnight in Paris Cocktail

 Bridesmaids: Boozy Bridesmaid



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