The Importance of Pinterest

As event planners, amateur or professional, we are always looking to step up our game. Take our events to the next level if you will. In order to do this we constantly need to be on the lookout for inspiration, new ideas and listening to what clients are interested in seeing us do. Knowing what will impress a client or as an amateur your guests, are looking for, you will leave a lot bigger impression than if you just execute the same old things.

The new kid on the social media block, Pinterest, is making this easier than ever before. Pinterest is a visual online community designed to allow users to create pinboards or scrapbook type pages of images that interest them personally. It allows users to show the online world who thy are, what they like, what they believe and what they want via their pinboards.

A new report from comScore tells us that the average Pinterest user spends 98 minutes per month pinning and liking images. They’re also gaining users and brands at a speed only comparable to Tumblr and Facebook.

So what does this mean to event planners? It means our jobs just got a whole lot easier. Clients are no longer going into events like wedding planning blind. They’ve already created pinboards dedicated to their big day. Their inspirations and dreams are laid out for you. I can see my sorority sisters now pinning away their ideas, Everything from color schemes to dresses and centerpieces are being pinned and planned as we speak. I would not be surprised if someday soon, wedding planners kick start their first meeting with a bride by asking to see her Pinterest wedding board.

It’s not just weddings that are getting attention on Pinterest either, it’s baby showers and birthday parties, sorority recruitment and family get togethers. If you’re an amateur event planner or hostess, there is a plethora of recipes, decorations and do-it-yourself projects to make whatever you’re putting together fabulous.

Speaking of do-it-yourself, this might be my favorite part about Pinterest. Users who are constantly creating their own at home invitations, decorations, vases and more. They share their with other users not only pictures of what they’ve created, but how you can do it too.

For someone like me, who will sadly admit to lacking the crafty gene, this is a god send. Amateur event planners everywhere, rejoice! The recipe for your next hit desert at a coworker get together and your best friends bachelorette invitations can be found all in one place!



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