Make Your Super Bowl Party the Place to be on Game Day

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Event planning can be stressful. High-speed, high energy in a go go go atmosphere. Super bowl parties, while they still require planning, could not be more laid back. This makes them a great place to start for a novice event planner or aspiring hostess. The casual atmosphere of your game day party allows you to take care of the work ahead of time, let yourself run wild with traditional party food and enjoy spending time with your guests for a change.

For most people, a Super Bowl party isn’t even about the game as much as it’s about hosting a group of friends for a good time. Everyone has their options for game day. I know I’ve been invited to a Super Bowl get together, bars are hosting game watching events and then there’s the more relaxed option of staying at home. As one of the top at-home events of the year, every host and hostess wants their party to be the place to be. Here are a few tips and tricks to make it happen for you.

 The Game Itself

Most of the time Super Bowl parties aren’t about the game, but that doesn’t mean your guests don’t want to watch even a little bit. Whether their team is playing or they just want to join in on game day tweets, you should provide as much of an opportunity for your guests to tune in.

Your guests are also going to be diverse. You’ll always have that guy that just wants to watch the game start to finish. The people who only tune in for the commercials or halftime and lastly the people who just want to socialize. Your best bet for solving the problem with this dynamic of guests is to provide ample viewing areas. The television should be the focus of the party in a main room with plenty of seating, but also provide a small television around the buffet so your guests never have to miss a minute. A television in the kitchen isn’t such a bad idea either if you’re concerned about missing out while you do some prep work.

Food and Fun

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Ok, now that you’ve got the viewing experience arranged. Here comes the easy part. Food! Super Bowl parties are about as all-American as it gets. There are no rules for how fattening or how simple your snacks should be. There is no need to make a full course meal, no one is interested. Here’s some guidelines on making your food and beverage selection the best in town.

  •  Don’t prepare anything that’s going to keep you in the kitchen. Refills and finishing touches are fine but you want to be part of the party.
  • Plan simple, portable foods. A buffet is the only option for game day viewing parties.
  • Don’t hesitate to be generic, pork rinds, chips and salsa and potato skins are all wonderful and expected options at a good super bowl party. Enjoy the opportunity to leave your creativity behind.
  • Have plenty of paper towels, napkins and small sturdy paper plates available. You want your guests to love your party but you also want to love them when they leave, a mess will make that difficult.
  • Make your set-up simple and easy for grab and go. Your die-hard game viewers will appreciate the accessibility.
  • Don’t forget the beer. Mixed drinks and cocktails are great, but not for this setting. There will be a new beer commercial every 15 minutes and your guests will be expecting to indulge a little. Have a selection so everyone gets what they want. This is the trick to being the “it” party.

For some great Super Bowl food recipies check out for some great game day recipies to compliment you’re great hosting skills.


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