The Best and Worst of Big Weddings from a PR Student.

As amateur event planners, we dream a lot smaller than a royal wedding. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two from the publicity, planning and awe of these events. From a royal wedding, to a royal reality television disaster, let’s take a look at two of my favorite nuptials of all time.

  The Royal Wedding– Will & Kate

Price William Kate Middleton Royal Wedding

 This event is my favorite of all time. I remember counting down the days and celebrating at 4 a.m. in the U.S.  My mother finds this fact amusing because she remembers doing the same for Diana and Charles 30 years earlier. The union of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton, a commoner, made waves throughout all realms of media. From television specials, a TV movie, countless magazines spreads and even an ice cream cake in their honor, the publicity of this royal wedding was a goldmine.

William and Kate Wedding Special OK Magazine

It wasn’t like the public in the U.K. really needed to be influenced to watch the wedding or take part in the festivities. The amount of national pride created by the union itself was enough to bring them out in the thousands to watch from the street as the royal couple passed. The problem here was getting the rest of the world to watch. I remember hearing people say “I’m an American, why would I care about a British wedding?” My response to them was always: “Because this is history!”

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton

From the day of the engagement announcement on November 16, the press worldwide began firing away questions and shots from their cameras to cover every move and moment of this event. You can notice in this video at times you cannot even hear Wills speak because of the clicks of hundreds of cameras. As an amateur event planner, I can’t imagine the stress Kate Middleton must’ve felt. If we are handling a bride, her biggest concern may be the flowers or her mother-in-law. Try having your grandmother-in-law being the Queen of England, then come talk to me about pressure.

The publicity and reputation of the royal family was also largely well protected throughout this time. The family has definitely seen its share of bad publicity. Charles’ affair with Camilla during his marriage to Diana, their divorce and her untimely death all cast a shadow on the royal family. The family had been seen as old school; stuffy and no longer important… that is until Wills stepped in.

Diana, Charles and Prince William

Princess Diana, Prince Charles and newborn Prince William.

The second in line to the throne, Prince William is every bit his mother’s son. His charity work and personable demeanor make him likeable to the people of the U.K. and the world. The choice he made to marry a commoner, Kate Middleton, didn’t hurt either. You can watch countless documentaries or read stories making comparisons of Kate and Diana. While they are very much alike, the new royal couple does not seem to follow in the footsteps of Charles and Diana. They are close and deeply in love from what anyone can see. Kate is happy and taking on her role as a princess and queen-to-be just fine. This role never suited Diana.

Diana and Charles and Will and Kate

As you can see, I got a little distracted there by the wonder of Will and Kate, so much so I forgot I was even talking about the troubles the family experienced in the past. The media reacted the same during the anticipation for the wedding. There was too much wonder and excitement surrounding the happy couple to even worry about what had happened in the past. That wonder, I would say, is why the wedding had over 3 billion viewers according to The New York Times. To put that number into perspective, there are about 7 billion people on the planet, that means literally 1 out of every 2 people spent the morning of April 28, 2011 watching Wills and Kate say I do, er, I will rather.

Will and Kate saying their vows

As I sit here and realize how much I just told you about my favorite event of all time, I almost feel bad I have to now let you know about one of the biggest publicity flops in famous wedding history. This wedding was a match made in reality television heaven and ended in publicity hell.

The Royal Reality Wedding- Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian, daughter of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian, is famous. No one is really sure if it was the sex tape or her father’s fame as OJ Simpson’s lawyer but she is. Keeping up with the Kardashians, a reality show based on Kim and her family, began filming in 2007. Since then, the princess of reality television experienced multiple failed relationships which were publicized and scrutinized in every tabloid magazine on the shelves.

Kim Kardashian on Life & Style Magazine

The show had seen great success with specials, like the one that followed Kim’s sister Khloe and her quick marriage to NBA star Lamar Odom.  The moment Kim “fell in love” with her own NBA star Kris Humphries, she wasted no time planning a bigger and better special. They married in a lavish, well publicized ceremony on August 20, 2011. The ceremony was of course filmed for E! Entertainment Television and was aired in a two part wedding special titled “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event.” According to the Today Show, 10.5 million people tuned in to the show, making it the most watched day in E!’s history.

Kim's Fairytale Wedding Promotion

Little did the unsuspecting audience know that just 72 days after drawing millions into their nuptials, the marriage would end in a bitter divorce.  According to the show and various media sources, Kim just wasn’t in love anymore. Kris fired back with the claim everyone was waiting to hear…”It was a fraud.”  A fraud? Faked for the cameras for ratings and money? How could they? These are the questions asked by many followers of the Kardashian clan.

TMZ divorce papers

Photo courtesy of TMZ

The famous family immediately began taking questions and comments from the media and fans about whether or not the wedding was staged and ultimately how much of their show was actually reality at all. The public felt they had been duped by a friend. They were just there for the ratings and the money behind the publicity that stemmed from the wedding.  Of course the Kardashians adamantly deny any wrong doing and apologized that the audience felt this way, but the truth still isn’t out there. Kris Humphries is fighting the divorce seeking an annulment based on fraud. If he’s successful in this endeavor, the prenuptial agreement stating he cannot talk about private matters with Kim would be void and the world may finally hear the truth about the reality behind these reality royals.

As a PR professional for the Kardashians, I would understand the great publicity that comes from a wedding of that magnitude, but I also understand the importance of upholding your reputation. If in fact this wedding was set up for the cameras, I feel bad for Kim and Kris. Your wedding day is supposed to be beautiful and happy, not a set with a script. The love we felt watching Wills & Kate just doesn’t come around every day but maybe Kim’s publicist should’ve held out a little longer for the real thing.

Tell me about your favorite special event of all time or if you want to chat royal wedding feel free to tweet me!

Social Media For Event Planners

Social Media Logos

 Today, most everyone has a Facebook page or Twitter account. You communicate with your friend and more importantly your guests on a daily basis. Endless social media outlets allow you to promote your event and send invitations. Using these resources not only spreads the word faster and helps keep you organized, but you can also save a great deal of money on paper invitations. Here are some of my tips for making the most of social media as an event planner.


Facebook Event Page

 With more than 845 million active users on the site, Facebook is where you’ll find your friends and partygoers. The site allows you to break your friends into groups, such as friends from work, college friends and custom groups. This makes sending event invitations simple. If you’re having a work get-together, just choose that group of friends. This separation reduces the time needed for the painstaking task of figuring out whom you want to invite by email address.

The site also has an entire event section. Amateur event planners can use this tool to make a simple page that describes your event, send to friends and keep in contact with anyone who RSVPs. You can also see the invitations you have sent, who is attending, who isn’t and who isn’t quite sure yet. It also allows you the opportunity to leave an event open so that other people can invite friends. This can be very useful for a large social get together, but if you want to be sure you know the people attending your event, you’ll want to keep the event private.


Evite Logo is a free website that allows you to create, send and manage online invitations. The site’s simple design program allows even a novice to put together a professional-looking invitation. Hundreds of templates are available for a large variety of events. These evites can be sent to anyone you like via email or by connecting through Facebook. The usefulness of does not end at their great online invitations, though. offers some fantastic party planning tips separated by event type as well as a gift idea page for anyone attending one of these parties. Furthermore, with the same ease you have creating an invitation, you can create ecards. Finally, a very useful tool offered by Evite is their mobile application. The app allows you to receive text notifications on new invitations and updates to your events. You can also see who will be attending your event, send invitations and even upload photos right from your phone.


Twitter page

 AlthoughTwitter is not the best social media site to invite friends or create events, it’s a great tool to promote professional events and meetings with colleagues and contacts. Tweet a link to an Evite or Facebook event page and have all of your followers see what you’re up to and have a chance to RSVP.

From planning to promotion and execution, social media has changed the way we interact with our friends and guests. The ability to communicate information with your guests instantly online allows you to plan accordingly and have an up-to-date accurate account of your guest list.

Check out these links for great planning tips:

Six Ways to Effectively Promote Events on Facebook

How to Plan a Fantastic Fundraiser

Fundraiser Donation Bucket

Photo Courtesy of Bucks.Net

If you’ve checked out the About the Blogger section on this site, you know that I got my start in event planning with my sorority. I planned the preference round of recruitment for Chi Omega. If you’re Greek, you are well aware of the amount of planning and effort that goes into recruitment, but our event planning doesn’t end there. Greeks are also highly skilled in planning philanthropic fundraising events. These events aren’t just for Greeks either. Anyone can plan an event to benefit their favorite organization or cause and having these tips can help you focus on making the most money possible while still having an enjoyable event.

When you begin planning for a fundraiser event, you need to consider a few things right from the start:

1.) Choose an organization or cause—This will be your central theme
2.) What is your budget?
3.) How are you going to make money? – Raffle baskets, silent auction, t-shirt sales, etc.
4.) Who is going to help you?
5.) What is your goal?

These are important questions to ask yourself because without the answers to these questions, you can’t get started on the right foot. Choosing your organization or cause is simple; it’s usually something you’re dedicated to. My sorority, for example, has a national philanthropy, and all of our fundraising events benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation®. Other events may be pink ribbon-themed for breast cancer awareness or puzzle piece-themed for autism awareness. Each organization has its own theme and brand; this helps tie in decorations, color schemes and atmosphere for your fundraiser. Depending on the event you choose to execute, though, it may not need to be included in every aspect of the event.

This leads to the next question. What is your budget? How much money can you spend on putting this event together? This question determines a great deal. If you have a tight budget, renting out a large fancy venue and hosting an elegant gala are out of the question. Remember, you’re trying to raise money here, not spend it. A smaller budget can still produce big results, though. Small budget events may include sporting events, dinners, date auction and much more! These are the types of events where you can really play up the theme of your cause. Adding touches of your organization will add that special something to your event, and oftentimes contacting someone from the organization can help you get things like banners, bracelets, stickers, pins and information sent for you to use!

calculator budgeting for fundraiser

Photo Courtesy of

A larger budget clearly leaves the option open to host a more elegant event. I attended a gala last year that benefitted the American Cancer Society, and it was beautiful. A silent auction, paper-bidding auction and treasure box keys were the main sources of income. The event raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night, and I was blown away at the results an elegant but simple event could produce.

The key to any successful event, though, is how you’re going to raise money. Entry fees and minimum donations for sports teams are great, but the donations stop there. First, you need to get your guests excited about the cause. Give them some information, make them feel the way you do about it and they will be more inclined to donate; also consider who you are inviting and what they would be interested in. The fundraiser my sorority is hosting this weekend definitely appeals to the college student. We are hosting a Sloppy Joes dinner. For $7 it’s all you can eat sloppy joes, and you can also purchase raffle tickets for some great, student-themed baskets. I’m personally a big fan of raffle baskets and auctions. I think that if you are able to get big enough prizes that appeal to your guests, you will be able to make a great deal of money from these.

Sorority Fundraiser Poster

To get the most from your raffle baskets or auction items, use connections and a well-written business letter. Get the people who will be helping you (a fundraiser is not a one-person show) and get them out to businesses with a letter explaining what organization your event benefits, a little about what they do, and then about your event. The letter should ask for any kind of donation. From personal experience, I can tell you that businesses are seldom willing to donate cash, but many are willing to donate items from their stores or gift cards. These donated items will help boost interest in both your baskets and their business.

Finally, be sure to set a goal. Having a realistic goal in mind at the start of your planning will help you figure out how much you need to make from the events you’ve set up and where you can make improvements. It also gives you a number to work towards throughout the planning and execution of your event.

Check out these useful links on everything from buying supplies to budgeting your fundraiser event:

Fundraising Ideas, Letters and Checklist

The Fundraising Authority- 10 steps to a successful event

Decorating for a charity event

Also check out these links to some of my personal favorite causes.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals-Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals- Akron Children’s Hospital

Make-A-Wish Foundation-Northeast Ohio

Best Friends Animal Society

As an intern for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals I have a special place in my heart for the work they do. I’ve already told you about my connection with the Make-A-Wish foundation and as a proud mom to both a rescue kitten and adopted Bagel Hound, Best Friends Animal Society is a place where I can meet fellow animal adoption enthusiasts.

What are some of your favorite charities and what kind of fundraisers have you participated in or hosted? Let me know!


My rescue kitten Zooey

Hosting an Oscar worthy Academy Awards watch party!

If you’re following my posts, you know I’ve already covered the basics of hosting a watch party for the Super Bowl.  Although the basics of creating a good watch party atmosphere are the same, an Academy Awards watch party leaves much more room for elegance and creativity.

academy awards 2012 poster

Photo Courtesy of

Getting Started


First of all, who doesn’t love a good red carpet-themed party!? I’ll find any excuse to get dressed up and play movie star. Maybe you do as well. Go ahead and do invites, too. We’ve got too many cute ideas not to. A movie ticket or popcorn bucket with the date, time, and place of your get-together makes for a more formal atmosphere right off the bat, and your guests will be impressed with your preparation.

Include an Oscar ballot with the invite! This way, your guests have plenty of time to fill it out and can bring it with them to your party. An Oscar ballot will also give guests who may have little interest in the show a chance to get involved. Come up with a prize for the winner of the pool, a movie-themed basket with DVDs starring some of the nominees or old winners, a bottle of wine, popcorn, and movie-theatre candies make for a great final touch on the theme and is nice but not over-the-top for you to put together.

oscar ballot

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

The Big Night


Plenty of great options will keep you and your guests busy during the show. We all know last year’s Anne Hathaway and James Franco disaster wasn’t worth watching, so some activities between awards will keep your guests involved and excited.  From drinking games to trivia, there’s something to keep everyone busy.

The red carpet opens the festivities. I know this is one of the only reasons I watch the show. Take tallies and have your guests vote on their favorite–least favorite and best-dressed stars. Even better, make a list of the big stars and grade them as they come down the carpet. My friends and I go with the flashcard scorecards like they do on “Say Yes to the Dress.”

Another great idea to fill up some of the time during commercials and boring side chatter is to play some Oscar trivia. has some great questions started for you, but just getting online and looking up past winners and upsets could make for an endless list to keep your guests involved and chatting. Don’t get pushy with the party games, though. No one likes a host who shoves silly games down their throats. Make it fun and relaxed. You just want people to be involved. They’re not on a game show, and it really isn’t that big a deal.

For those of you who think you might get out of hand with other party games or if you’re just looking to get a little wild, an Oscars drinking game might be right for you. Come up with your own rules based on the performers and nominees or do something a little simpler.

Oscar Drinking Game Rules

oscar splashing beer in mug

Photo Courtesy of

  • Drink if someone thanks the Academy
  • Drink if the hurry-up music begins to play before someone finishes his or her speech
  • Drink if someone cries
  • If the trifecta (thanks the academy, cries, and hurry-up music is played) occurs then finish your drink.

As a host, you are responsible for assuring guests have designated drivers and that no one leaves your party too impaired to drive. Be responsible and allow guests to participate at their own speed and use discretion with a designated driver.

Delightful Dishes and Drinks


Oscar Cookies


The best part about an Oscar party is the ability to include a theme into every aspect of your party right down to the food and drink. This shouldn’t be your all-American food we put together for the Super Bowl. Get creative and run wild with movie titles and big screen-themed finger foods and cocktails. Here are some great ideas to take your Academy Award watch party dining to the next level, provided by .

Moneyball:  Spinach & Parmesan Balls

The Help:  Minny’s Chocolate Pies

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Swedish Meatballs

Other films that might not have a food directly tied to them leave you the chance to create some fun desserts. Star cupcakes or cookies with movie titles would fit perfectly here. If not in dessert form, a cocktail will have to do. Some great big screen-themed cocktails include

My Week with Marilyn Cocktail

Midnight in Paris Cocktail

 Bridesmaids: Boozy Bridesmaid


The Importance of Pinterest

As event planners, amateur or professional, we are always looking to step up our game. Take our events to the next level if you will. In order to do this we constantly need to be on the lookout for inspiration, new ideas and listening to what clients are interested in seeing us do. Knowing what will impress a client or as an amateur your guests, are looking for, you will leave a lot bigger impression than if you just execute the same old things.

The new kid on the social media block, Pinterest, is making this easier than ever before. Pinterest is a visual online community designed to allow users to create pinboards or scrapbook type pages of images that interest them personally. It allows users to show the online world who thy are, what they like, what they believe and what they want via their pinboards.

A new report from comScore tells us that the average Pinterest user spends 98 minutes per month pinning and liking images. They’re also gaining users and brands at a speed only comparable to Tumblr and Facebook.

So what does this mean to event planners? It means our jobs just got a whole lot easier. Clients are no longer going into events like wedding planning blind. They’ve already created pinboards dedicated to their big day. Their inspirations and dreams are laid out for you. I can see my sorority sisters now pinning away their ideas, Everything from color schemes to dresses and centerpieces are being pinned and planned as we speak. I would not be surprised if someday soon, wedding planners kick start their first meeting with a bride by asking to see her Pinterest wedding board.

It’s not just weddings that are getting attention on Pinterest either, it’s baby showers and birthday parties, sorority recruitment and family get togethers. If you’re an amateur event planner or hostess, there is a plethora of recipes, decorations and do-it-yourself projects to make whatever you’re putting together fabulous.

Speaking of do-it-yourself, this might be my favorite part about Pinterest. Users who are constantly creating their own at home invitations, decorations, vases and more. They share their with other users not only pictures of what they’ve created, but how you can do it too.

For someone like me, who will sadly admit to lacking the crafty gene, this is a god send. Amateur event planners everywhere, rejoice! The recipe for your next hit desert at a coworker get together and your best friends bachelorette invitations can be found all in one place!


Valentine’s Day for Singles

Let’s get real. If you’re takin’ on Valentine’s Day, you don’t even consider the option of attending a Valentine’s Day party. You want some alone time with your special someone. and no one wants to throw a party for couples. Talk about awkward! Fear not! There are alternatives for the single men and ladies out there who want to spend the lonely evening with others in the same boat. I’m talking Anti-Valentine’s Day parties or a singles get-together.  We all celebrated Valentine’s Day one way or another when we were kids in grade school so why not continue to enjoy the fun of an imaginary holiday.

singles awareness day

Photo Courtesy of Behind My Eyes

The catch with a Valentine’s Day party of any kind is that it is shockingly easy to get carried away with the matchmaking, forced love and cheesy heart designs. Take these too far and you’re in for an awkward night. My advice for throwing any kind of Valentine’s Day get-together is to keep it simple. Most of your guests probably aren’t too thrilled they’re not alone with a special someone anyway.

Valentine’s Day Party Themes

 -Anti-Valentine’s Day

– Singles Mixer

-Girls or Guys Night

Anti-Valentine’s Day

The Anti-Valentine’s Day party is a classic with some twists and turns to avoid. Your guests should all be single, so everyone can join in on their hatred for the “holiday” and have a good time despite what day it is. The problem with this theme is that it can lead to some pretty bad attitudes.

anti valentines day

Photo Courtesy of

You don’t want a party of your best girlfriends crying in one big group or your guy friends sulking around as if it’s the worst day ever. The atmosphere here should be fun, not mean. There should be no conversations about ex-boyfriends or girlfriends or even talk about exactly why you’re Anti-Valentine’s Day. It should just be a chance to get together with friends. The only way to know how a party like this would turn out is to know whom you’re inviting. You know that overly emotional friend who just can’t seem to shut up about her boyfriend who broke up with her three months ago? Yeah, don’t invite her. If you don’t know if you’re friends can handle the snarky atmosphere of an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, there are other options you can try.

Singles Mixer

A simple singles party is another option for mixing with the opposite sex but without the pressure of being set up on a blind date. Take charge of the event and use social media such as Facebook to reach out to any friends you have whose relationship status reads: Single. On the event page or invitation let your single friends know to bring a single friend or two of their own. This way it’s just a big group of people who don’t have dates and want to have a good time.

In my opinion, playing games like speed dating is a bad idea. Everyone at this party is probably interested in meeting someone but forcing it to happen will make everyone uncomfortable. By all means make it a game night though, board games that are interactive and maybe tell you a little about someone else and can make you laugh are the best.  A lot of games like this require small teams or even just partners and this can help make the mingling happen.  Some sure-fire wins for gaming include Cranium, Taboo or The Game of Things.

love bites cookies

Photo Courtesy of Baking In Heels

Ladies night in—Guys night out

The final—and sometimes the best—option for someone wanting to host a get-together without any chance of awkwardness is the single-sex party. Ladies, get together a bunch of your favorite romantic comedies and love movies. I’m saying break out your copy of The Notebook and P.S. I Love You, a couple of boxes of tissues and get your gal pals over for a night of letting it all out. It seems sad, but when you’re all in it together, it reminds you how strong your friendship is and how much you love each other.

P.S. I Love You

Photo Courtesy of MovieGoods.comPhoto Courtesy of

Men, do the exact opposite of the ladies. Grab some friends, some beer and pizza and play video games, watch sports or whatever it is you like to do together on any other day. Think of it as adding a day to your weekend. Get out and play golf if you’re lower key or find a bar with great Tuesday specials if you’re more the social type. Whatever you decide to do, you and your friends won’t even remember it’s a holiday. That’s the perk of being a single guy on Valentine’s Day—you’re allowed to forget.

guys at a bar

Photo Courtesy of New York Pudding

 Making it fun—even when it hurts

 So you’re sad. You’re planning a get-together like this and not a romantic evening out. Don’t be. These party ideas are great ways to meet new people or reconnect with the people who really deserve your love on this made-up holiday, so have fun with it!

Cocktails are great and can get fun and flirty. Who doesn’t enjoy a pink drink every once in a while? Make sure to whip up some fun treats, too. Valentine’s Day is a great time to show off your baking talents and an even better time to indulge just a little. Run wild with recipes and colors. While red hearts everywhere is tacky, some red velvet cream cheese brownies are the perfect touch.

Heart Shaped Food

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Explore Pinterest  to get some great cocktail and snack recipes to take whatever you do on Valentine’s Day to the next level.

Make Your Super Bowl Party the Place to be on Game Day

Super Bowl Party Fans

Photo Courtesy of

Event planning can be stressful. High-speed, high energy in a go go go atmosphere. Super bowl parties, while they still require planning, could not be more laid back. This makes them a great place to start for a novice event planner or aspiring hostess. The casual atmosphere of your game day party allows you to take care of the work ahead of time, let yourself run wild with traditional party food and enjoy spending time with your guests for a change.

For most people, a Super Bowl party isn’t even about the game as much as it’s about hosting a group of friends for a good time. Everyone has their options for game day. I know I’ve been invited to a Super Bowl get together, bars are hosting game watching events and then there’s the more relaxed option of staying at home. As one of the top at-home events of the year, every host and hostess wants their party to be the place to be. Here are a few tips and tricks to make it happen for you.

 The Game Itself

Most of the time Super Bowl parties aren’t about the game, but that doesn’t mean your guests don’t want to watch even a little bit. Whether their team is playing or they just want to join in on game day tweets, you should provide as much of an opportunity for your guests to tune in.

Your guests are also going to be diverse. You’ll always have that guy that just wants to watch the game start to finish. The people who only tune in for the commercials or halftime and lastly the people who just want to socialize. Your best bet for solving the problem with this dynamic of guests is to provide ample viewing areas. The television should be the focus of the party in a main room with plenty of seating, but also provide a small television around the buffet so your guests never have to miss a minute. A television in the kitchen isn’t such a bad idea either if you’re concerned about missing out while you do some prep work.

Food and Fun

superbowl food spread

Photo Courtesy of

Ok, now that you’ve got the viewing experience arranged. Here comes the easy part. Food! Super Bowl parties are about as all-American as it gets. There are no rules for how fattening or how simple your snacks should be. There is no need to make a full course meal, no one is interested. Here’s some guidelines on making your food and beverage selection the best in town.

  •  Don’t prepare anything that’s going to keep you in the kitchen. Refills and finishing touches are fine but you want to be part of the party.
  • Plan simple, portable foods. A buffet is the only option for game day viewing parties.
  • Don’t hesitate to be generic, pork rinds, chips and salsa and potato skins are all wonderful and expected options at a good super bowl party. Enjoy the opportunity to leave your creativity behind.
  • Have plenty of paper towels, napkins and small sturdy paper plates available. You want your guests to love your party but you also want to love them when they leave, a mess will make that difficult.
  • Make your set-up simple and easy for grab and go. Your die-hard game viewers will appreciate the accessibility.
  • Don’t forget the beer. Mixed drinks and cocktails are great, but not for this setting. There will be a new beer commercial every 15 minutes and your guests will be expecting to indulge a little. Have a selection so everyone gets what they want. This is the trick to being the “it” party.

For some great Super Bowl food recipies check out for some great game day recipies to compliment you’re great hosting skills.